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Quality Pool Service For Elk Grove, CA

We have had horrible experiences with Ohanuna Pool service in Elk Grove. They turned our pool GREEN in the middle of the summer and then made us wait days for them to fix it. I called Todd at Elk Grove Pools came in an immeditately got our pool back into shape looking beautiful. We have had absolutely no issues since and Todd is very easy to contact if we encounter any questions or concerns.
Joanna N. in Elk Grove, CA (Yelp)

Elk Grove Pools has been the best pool service provider I have ever encountered. Going on 4 years, the service has never failed and the rate is very reasonable. My pool is clear and clean every time I want to enjoy my pool. Totally recommend Elk Grove Pools.
Tanya Homman in Elk Grove, CA 

Elk Grove Pools has been servicing our pool for approx 3 years now. The few times we have had problems with our pool sweep Todd has fixed it or will take it in for repairs and will pick it up, saving us the job. Todd is very dependable, does everything he promises to do and more.
Best thing we ever did was to change from a large pool company and go to an individual who cares like Elk Grove Pools.
Daphne Miller in Elk Grove, CA 

We always receive dependable and professional service. Anytime we need equipment replaced, Todd takes care of it quickly and the cost is so reasonable and added to our statement. He makes doing business with him so easy, and our pool sparkles year round.
Betty Mendoza in Elk Grove, CA 

I hired EG Pools approximately 4 years ago. Todd gives personalized service we NEVER have to question. Our pool has never been cleaner and I woudn't hesitate to refer him to anyone. EG Pools is THE best around!!!
Todd Borchardt in Elk Grove, CA 

I have been with elk grove pools for a few years now and have always been satisfied with my service. Todd is very helpfull with any service question we may have. Although my dog isnt his greatest fan, we do appreciate him.
Keith Hamel in Elk Grove, CA

Todd has always been wonderful at taking care of our very challenging pool. We have a pool surrounded by protected oak trees and it is a major pain to keep up with. But Todd is diligent and thorough and manages to keep it up well. He is dependable and available for questions or for problems that arise. Highly recommend!
Kristina in Elk Grove, CA

Todd has been servicing our pool for 5 -6 years now and we are very happy with him. He checks all the equipment etc too and lets us know if we need anything. Overall great service.
Harry and Brinda Saini in Elk Grove, CA 

After years of different pool service companies, Elk Grove Pools is the best I have seen. He (Todd) is reliable, trustworthy, and an expert in pool service. You won't be disappointed.
Brad Sherwood in Elk Grove, CA

Todd does a great job of making recomendations and will leave notes of what needs to be done with my pool. He will even make minor repairs or I can give him a part to install for a very reasonable price. Great pool service!
Ed Feliciano in Elk Grove, CA 

Reasonable price for reliable service. Todd Trice, the owner, takes his business and customer service seriously. We worked with two pool maintenance companies before Elk Grove Pools, and have been with this company for ~5 years. He's certainly competent; knows the business. But equally as important, he communicates well--tells us when we need to do something, when parts need replacing/offers to get it himself and add the cost to the bill, when he needs to come on a different day. At one point, he raised our rates nominally due to the price of (something) going up--he told us about it when he learned about it. When the price went back down for him, he lowered our rates accordingly, as promised. I highly recommend Todd Trice's Elk Grove Pools for all pool maintenance needs.
Jennifer C in Elk Grove, CA (Yelp)

Todd does a fantastic job keeping the pool clean and also suggesting when parts should be replaced when needed. Great communication from him as well.
Ryan H. in Elk Grove, CA (Yelp)

We moved into a new house with a new pool in July. We had never owned a pool before so had no knowledge of what to do. Todd has kept our pool beautiful & trouble free. We were concerned about the filter & jacuzzi coming on in the middle of the night during the cold Dec weather. Todd responded to our email promptly & told us it was a fail safe to prevent the filter & pipes from freezing.Who knew? This week, we noticed the wheels on our sweep were not moving. His employee picked it up & they will have it fixed & returned to us next week. Now, that is service!
We have found Elk Grove pools to be thorough, responsive & very, very nice.
Jane L. in Elk Grove, CA (Yelp)

We've been using Todd since moving into our house in 2010. Our aging pool has seen much better days but EG Pools has worked hard to keep it going for us - much to our children's delight. They are quick to respond to problems, quick to point out potential problems and exremely honest and thorough. We're lucky to have such great service!e've been using Todd since moving into our house in 2010. Our aging pool has seen much better days but EG Pools has worked hard to keep it going for us - much to our children's delight. They are quick to respond to problems, quick to point out potential problems and exremely honest and thorough. We're lucky to have such great service!
Katie S. in Elk Grove, CA (Yelp)

FINALLY! A pool service with integrity! We have had so many pool service companies, both individual and through a store front like Sage Pools, and they have been disastrous. Elk Grove Pools is not only very friendly but their communication is second to none. Being a family company they understand all the needs of the pool owner and are very accommodating. I would recommend Elk Grove Pools to anyone looking for a stress free company to work with.
Jen M. in Rancho Cordova, CA (Yelp)

I just started pool service with Elk Grove Pools. They did a thorough review of my pool and right away found a couple of things that were wrong with the filter and pump that were preventing the water to even get to the filter. Excellent customer service, I have sent numerous e-mails and always received a quick reply back to my questions. Looking forward to a lazy summer, of swimming in my crystal clear pool and not cleaning it myself!
Lisa P. in Sacramento, CA (Yelp)

Todd is a great guy to work with, honest and does a great job on my pool! A little scary looking when he grows out his beard but thumbs up for Elk grove pools!
Bryan M. in Elk Grove, CA (Yelp)

Todd Rocks!
Very personable, helpful, straight shooter.
Mikie S. in Elk Grove, CA (Yelp)

Excellent customer service! Responsive, honest, expert advice, and always has a positive attitude. I would recommend Elk Grove Pools/Todd to anyone needing quality pool maintenance and service.
Neil P. in Elk Grove, CA (Yelp)

​Elk Grove Pools has always been dependable and friendly. I've always been happy with the service and any time a part needs attention Todd is very helpful and ready to solve the problem.
Rebecca K. in Elk Grove, CA (Merchant Circle)

Todd is very knowledgeable with chemicals and the different problems that may pop up .  Above all Todd is a very honest individual. Your pool is in good hands with his service!! 
Marilyn R. in Elk Grove, CA (Yahoo Local)

Coincidentally, the day after I refused to pay to advertise with yelp, most of my reviews were removed and placed on a special "not recommended" page.  You will find each and every one of these reviews there.  I refuse to be bullied into paying $3000+ to have a good looking yelp page so I have copied and pasted them all here.

Please consider this whenever you use yelp.