Elk Grove Pools
Important Seasonal Information

It is very helpful if you inform me of big pool events.  I learn your pool use habits and service the pool accordingly.  A big party can create a costly mess, but if I know it's coming we can create a plan.

Solar Blankets

These are great at reducing evaporation and keeping a pool toasty warm, however they prevent me from seeing any problems developing in the pool.  Be sure to remove the cover on service days, especially if we brush your pool, and leave the chlorine floater next to the skimmer opening.

Human Waste Accidents

Poop happens.  In case it happens to your pool here is what to do.  Get out.  Remove as much of the poop as you can.  Super chlorinate (maintain 10ppm chlorine) for several hours and run the filter for several hours.  Do not reenter until the chlorine levels are back below 4ppm.  Larger accidents require longer durations of super chlorination.

Salt Water Pools

Your pool only makes chlorine when the filter runs.  You will need to run the pump as long as is needed to maintain the correct levels of chlorine.  While it is generating chlorine it also generates a byproduct of sodium hydroxide which raises the pH.  Depending on how long your generator runs, your pool may not be safe to use between weekly visits. We add as much acid as we can to salt water pools on your service day while keeping it safe to swim, however by the end of the week your pH may be uncomfortably and possibly dangerously high.  Always test the pH before swimming if you have a salt water pool.

Use The Rain

Winter rain usually causes us to have to drain off large amounts of excess water. This has not been the case for about 4 years now. As a result, certain chemicals and minerals are building up in the pool water. The only way to lower this is to drain down the old water and refill with new water. The most effective way is if we get lots of rain (rain water is nearly distilled water). Everyone needs to take advantage of rain when we get it. Use your rain drain, pump that water out. 

This doesn’t sound logical, I know, but if we don’t wash a lot of water out of the pools this winter then next spring the pools are going to need to be drained at least 50% (which isn’t currently allowed) or the water will be extremely difficult to manage. 

Keep Run Off Out

While lots of rain water will help our pools, we DO NOT want any water that is not falling directly from the sky. Pools will turn green and require lots of $$$ if:

1.Landscapes run off into the pool
2.Rain gutter downspouts drain into the pool
3.Rain water washes through trees/vegetation before entering the pool

Rain does not make pool water turn colors. If your pool begins turning green, brown, tan or any color during or after rain then you have a drainage problem. You should immediately turn on the filter system and notify me.

Take Covers Off

Solar blankets are for summer. That’s it. Here is how I explain it:

A certain amount of dust, dirt, bird poop, etc. falls into the pool daily. The filter, cleaner and chemicals are designed to deal with that amount. If you cover the pool, that daily accumulation of debris collects on the cover and builds up. When rain falls it washes all that debris in at once. Pools are not able to manage that. The sudden influx wipes out the chemicals I keep in the water allowing algae to grow.

Muddy Access

With so many lawns gone dead, this year is going to be interesting. I cannot walk in, over or through mud. Take a look at your place and imagine how it will look after lots of heavy rain. Like every year, I recommend picking up some $2 pavers at Home Depot and creating pathways.

Rain Policy

First- I have not missed any pool service due to weather in 4 years.  However, this year is supposed to be “Super El Nino” so…

Do I work in the rain? Yes and no. I work until I’m wet through, then I stop. More importantly is what happens to your service if it is a rain day.

My goal on a rain day is to get to every pool and get the right chemicals in them. That means I cancel any extra work that may have been scheduled and I do not brush pools (hello lightening).

If the rain is heavy I will drop all stops to chemical only service in an effort to achieve my goal of getting pools chemically treated.

If I get soaked through, I go home and notify accounts that did not get service. I try to get back out that week. If it is raining again the following week I do the route backwards. This allows me to at least get to the accounts that may have been missed the previous week. If I miss an account twice in one billing cycle due to weather (this  has never happened) I will discount your next months invoice.