Storm Damage & How to Recover
Big storms can cause big damage.  The pool in this picture was flooded with water running in from the elevated landscape behind it.  It would take two weeks and cost over $600 to clear it up.
-If the pool is starting to look green, brown, black or any color you'll need to turn on the filter and cleaner immediately and leave them running. Continue running the filter and cleaner until the water clears. 
 If this takes more than 24 hours you should call me. Please have some pictures ready to text to me. 

-Look for locations where water is running into the pool and see if it can be diverted or stopped.  

-Scoop out large debris.  Make sure the baskets (skimmer & pump) are not stuffed full.  Make sure that the cleaner is not clogged or tangled in debris.  Adding a one pound bag of shock can be very helpful. 

-Do not let the pool overflow.  That means, do not let the water rise above the TILE.  If the water level is above the tile then the pool is overflowing and ground water can flow into the pool.

The biggest culprit concerning storm damage is flooding.  
Do not confuse this with overfilling.  Flooding is when water 
from outside the pool flows into the pool.  This is very 
damaging to pool water.  You are likely already aware of it if
 your pool is prone to flooding and should have a stash of 
certain chemicals on hand. 

-Clarifier is a chemical that helps the filter get tiny particles 
  out of the cloudy water.

-Jack's Magic Magenta Stuff is a chemical that takes the 
  colored tint out of the water.

Never add Jack's & Clarifier at the same time

-The one pound bags of Turbo Shock can be kept indefinitely 
and are extremely helpful in a flooded pool scenario.

Conditions like this can quickly inundate the filters.  Keep an eye on the PSI gauge and do not let it rise higher than the tanks maximum operational pressure.  Most tanks are rated to 50 psi. If you find your gauge up in the 40 psi range you would want to shut the system off and investigate for a cause.
Potential Expenses

- Unscheduled visits are any visit other than your scheduled weekly service.  $60/hr for customers, $80 for non-customers.

- Excessive chemical use is charged when we have to use large amounts of chemicals (or special chemicals) to clean up messes outside our control. (Acts of God)

- Supplemental filter cleaning is required if your filters become inundated with debris between regular cleanings. This is mandatory anytime a pool goes from "can't see the bottom" to clear. This is $60.00/each for customers, $75 for non-customers.

- Green pool clean ups can cost over $500 and take a long time to complete.
Rain can hit hard and fast.  This can cause major pool problems.  If your pool looked fine before the storm, but now is swamp-like (green, brown, black, etc.), you have a drainage problem. 


Most commonly, heavy rain builds up in the landscape and ends up flooding into the pool.  This is detrimental and must be addressed quickly.  Weekly service does not cover this type of damage, however we can help correct it.