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Does The Rain Turn Your Pool Green?

The rain is great, but if each time it rains your pool gets murky there is a drainage problem. 

Rain water does not make pools turn colors. However, if that rain washes through trees or collects in the landscape and runs into the pool it can cause big problems.  Trim trees and shrubs so they don't hang over the pool.  If the landscape drains into your pool during heavy rain be sure to run the filter. Do so until the pool clears up and be sure to call us right away.

Clearing up a pool because of drainage issues is not covered under any service level.  

Pool Repairs:
​Dennis Scheidegger
Just Repairs Pools
(916) 396-2277

​I know my own limitations and there are very few repairs that I do myself.  For years I have been referring customers to Dennis who owns Just Repairs Pools.  We work together well and often save customers money by eliminating the need for a repair company to come out and figure out what the problem is.  I usually know what the problem is and text Dennis pictures of the problem and information about the pool or system that pertains to the needed repair.  This allows him to send me an estimate for the repairs in as little as a few minutes.  You, the customer, then receive an email or a text describing the issue and a quote to get it fixed. I'm very happy with the arrangement and customers who have used Just Repairs Pools are too.
-Control Systems
-Salt Systems
-And More!
Replaster & Patchwork 
Adams Pool Specialties
(916) 388-2000
Some pool repairs are pretty big and require a pool building company. Things like replastering, rebar rusting through, retrofitting main drains and replacing pool tile are what these guys are good at.
Burkett's Pool Plastering
(800) 517-3115
Tile Cleaning
Always have the plaster company do the new plaster start up!
They will blame the start up company if anything goes wrong!
If they won't, only use who they recommend (in writing).
Because of insurance limitations, Just Repairs Pools can only work on above grade issues; no digging into the dirt.
How many hours a day should I run my filter?  

Small Pools: Very few people have a small pool.  
If it is no more than 5 feet deep and you think you
 could possibly jump across it if you had to, then
you may have a small pool.

Average Pools: No deeper than 6 feet, usually has
 two shallow ends.  Most people have this size pool.

Average Pools: Deeper than 6 feet at some point.

Big Pools: 18,000 gallons and up.

Issues that require more runtime are the amount of use, is there a spa, whether or not animals get in, trees or other plants that hang over the pool, worn out filter cartridges, chlorine generators and not having an automated pool vacuum on the bottom.
Pool Service Customer Do's & Dont's

Do add water to the pool as needed. 
Don't forget to tell your pool guy if you accidently overflow it.

Do call or email if there is algae or something else.
Don't add your own chemicals to treat it.

Do enjoy your pool as much as possible.
Don't leave all the toys and floating things in there.

Do watch for anything that seems broken or wrong.
Don't forget to call immediately if you shut down the system.

Recommended Contractors
Customer Center
Winter time off schedule:

Most months will have four service days, but some will have five.  I do not charge extra for the months that have an extra service day. 

Over the length of a full year, that comes out to four extra visits for free.  

I take back those four free visits throughout the year; usually your service day the weeks of Thanksgiving & Christmas.  The other two days are floating.  You will be responsible for your pool service during these four weeks. 

  Nov- Feb              Mar- Oct







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If We Miss Your Service...
Every now and then something comes up that prevents us from completing the route.  This could be weather, illness, car trouble, sick kids, etc.

If we do not make it to your pool on your service day you will receive an email informing you when the day will be made up.  

If the condition impacts an entire week, it may be impossible to make up the service.  A credit is issued if two service days are missed in a single month.  See the policy for details. (Over the past decade we've never had to issue a credit and only missed 6 stops. We work in the rain,  work when we're sick, use U-Haul trucks if needed and do everything we can to service the accounts. )
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Rain Day

Our job gets difficult when it rains and we run the risk of not getting to all the stops.  On a rainy day, our goal is to get the needed chemicals in each pool.  We first eliminate any "extra work" like filter cleaning & repairs.  Non-essential tasks such as brushing are the next to be cut.  If the rain is heavy we will only do what is absolutely necessary to keep the pool going.
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There are three main tile cleaning companies in town.  I have seen all of their work, and all of their work can be anywhere from excellent to not so good.  The cost will seem quite high if you have not ever called around before. I do not recommend one over the other. I have not cleaned the tile on my pool that was built in 1999 and I don't ever plan to.