We are experts at correcting green pools!

What may seem like an impossible situation could actually only be a 5 to 10 day job.  

There's no need to drain the pool and risk your plaster. Chemicals and some heavy labor can make it as good as new.
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 No pools were drained and most were ready for swimming in 7 days or less.
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The equipment must be in good working order to clean up a green pool.  This includes the filter cartridges.
Green To Clean Service
These results are typical and your clean up is guaranteed.
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We can only conduct two clean up projects at a time.  Your project is scheduled by the order that your deposit is received.
Want to do your own clean up?  Follow these step by step instructions. 
Please note that all steps may not apply to your specific situation.

These instructions are based on a 15,000 gallon, freshwater, plaster pool with a cartridge filter system.
1. Test all chemical levels. Balance if necessary.
    pH 7.4    Chlorine 3ppm    Alkalinity at least 80ppm    Calcium 200- 400ppm    Conditioner at least 50ppm    Phosphates 0

2.  Determine severity: How much algae and how much debris?  
    First algae.  Can you see the bottom of deep end? If so the severity is 0.  If not, can you see the bottom of the shallow end?  If so your severity is 1.  If not, can you see any steps?  How many? If you can see all three steps your severity is 2, if two steps are visible your severity is 3, one visible step is 4 and no visible steps is a severity of 5.   
    Next debris.  All large debris must be removed from the pool.  If you can not see the bottom, scoop with a net along the bottom of the deep end.  Judge the amount of debris by what you find in the net.  Use a leaf rake type of net or use a leaf master tool to clear all debris.  You may have to do this blind if the bottom isn't visible.  Continue to do this until the net/bag consistently comes back up empty.  This can take several hours.

3.  If your severity is 0 or 1 then you can use your filters to clean up the pool.  Take apart the filter system and clean the cartridges thoroughly.  Inspect for broken parts.  Reassemble the filter system and turn it on.  If the cleaner has a booster pump, turn it on.
Add the necessary chlorine to reach approximately 15ppm.  Add the necessary acid to keep the pH between 7.1 and 7.4.  Add 10 ounces of copper based algaecide.  Brush every surface of the pool.  Let the filter and cleaner run for 24 hours, brushing any spots that collect debris.  If the pool clears up 100% proceed to clean the filter cartridges and the job is complete. Retest all levels before using the pool.  If the pool has not cleared 100%, add clarifier and continue to run the system for an additional 8 hours.  If the pool still has not cleared, proceed to the next step.

4.  If your severity was 2, 3, 4 or 5 you will need to do some extra steps.  Take apart the filter system, remove the filter cartridges and reassemble without the cartridges and turn it on.  If you have solar heat, make sure it is turned off.  Add the necessary chlorine to reach approximately 50 to 100ppm.(Approximately 6 to 12 gallons)  The higher your severity the higher the chlorine range needs to be. Add the necessary acid to keep the pH between 7.1 and 7.4. Add 20 ounces of copper based algaecide. Add one quart of Drop Out per manufacturers instructions.  Brush every surface of the pool.  Let the system run for 3 hours then shut it off and DO NOT allow it to come back on.  After 24 to 48 hours the pool should be clear all the way to the bottom where a thick layer of sediment remains.  Do not disturb this, do not turn on the pool. 

5.  Use only a vacuum to waste system to remove the sediment.  If you do not have such a system then you will have to hire someone to come do it.  This may have to be scheduled a week or more in advance.  Be sure that the chlorine level is zero.  If not, broadcast AfterShock chlorine reducer over the pool per manufacturers instruction.  The vac to waste discharge hose must terminate in your sewer inlet.  Do not discharge the pool water into the street, yard or gutters.  VERY SLOWLY, vacuum out every inch of the pool.  After the sediment is completely removed, add back fresh water to replace what was discharged.

6.  Clean the filters and replace them in the filter canister.  Turn on the filter pump (and cleaner booster pump if necessary). Re-prime the pump if needed.  Brush all pool surfaces and continue to run the filter until the pool is 100% clear. Retest all levels before using the pool.  Maintain a chlorine residual of 3ppm and a pH of 7.5.
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All clean ups include the following:

$75 Service Call Charge:
- Initial visit; evaluate the pools condition and equipment. Create an estimate. The service call charge can be applied to the work.
$90 Labor:
- Remove the filters, clean them. Reinstall filters at end of job.
$180 Labor:
- Vacuum to waste all debris using our portable system.
- Clear out all leaves and other large debris. $60/hr
- Chemicals: All clean ups require chlorine, algaecide and acid. Some other chemicals may be needed. This expense is different at every job.
Removal of Black Algae is not included in ANY clean up.
Green Algae Pool Clean Up